OFFICE ORDER

Memo No. GCM/2020/                                                          Dated: 28.07.2020


In compliance of DGHE Memo No. 30/43-2018 Co(2) dated 28.07.2020. The following committees are constituted for the admission in B.A/B.Sc-Med/Non-Medical and Commerce stream 2020-21.


            The committees have to ensure that the admission must be as per as M.D.U. Rohtak admission brochure 2020-21 & Govt. rules. Each column of admission proforma  must be duly filled by the student seeking admission in the class.

Smt. Sonu Rani (Mobile No. 9971747497 :- Nodal Officer online admission 2020-21

A.)  Committee for Arts Stream                                                                    Staff Room

1.      Dr. Minakshi (Convener)

2.      Sh. Ashwani Kumar

3.      Dr. Rakesh Kumar

4.      Smt. Ompati

5.      Sh. Naveen Kumar Punia

6.      Sh. Niraj Sharma


B.)   Committee for Commerce Stream                                                        Commerce Deptt.

1.      Dr. Vijay Singh Yadav (Convener)

2.      Smt. Sonu Rani

3.      Ms. Diksha


C.)   Committee for Science Stream                                                              Physics Deptt.

1.      Sh. Devender Singh (Convener)

2.      Sh. Arvind Kumar

3.      Smt. Ankita

4.      Smt. Sushma

D.)   MIS Committee

1.      Smt. Annu (Convener)

2.      Dr. Rakesh Kumar Ranga

3.      Sh. Surender Kumar Gulia

E.)  Workload & Time Table:-

1.      Ms. Priyanka Yadav (Convener)

2.      Sh. Balram Malik

3.      Ms. Sandhaya

4.      Dr. Rakesh Kumar Ranga

F.)   Preparation of subject Combination list– 1. Sh. Rakesh Saini

2. Dr. Nisha

3. Sh. Balwan Singh L.A


       Challan Gen. - Sh. Surender Kumar Gulia

       Fee Clerk:- Sh. Jagdish Kumar Clerk, Sh. Parvender Kumar


       Challan Collection & Prepare I-Card, Library Card :- Smt. Pinki Rani

                                                                                    Sh.. Prateek Mor

                                                                                    Sh. Balwan Singh L.A

        Scholarship / stipend :- Sh. Shree Om